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From the anime series Ushio and Tora comes a Nendoroid of Ushio Aotsuki’s partner – the ancient yokai awoken after 500 years when the Beast Spear seal was broken – Tora! The Nendoroid has been sculpted with impressive volume to represent the powerful yokai, and he comes with three different face plates including a fiendish smile, a sullen expression that makes him look deep in thought, as well as a more comical expression for playful scenes. He comes with two different upper body parts which allow for a variety of poses from sitting to standing or even posed on all fours. Optional parts include his favorite food (a hamburger!), and he also comes with a special alternate back hair part which allows the Ushio Aotsuki Nendoroid (sold separately) to ride on his back, recreating some of their memorable combat scenes together! JUL168579

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